Bright Eyes

If my eyes are bright it is because you gave them light. 

If my smile is wide and my spirit free it is because you uplift me,

And if you see me weep it is because what I feel is so deep. 

I am overwhelmed at the magnitude

Of this love, and full of gratitude

That life brought me here,

Brought you to me, my dear. 
You bring out the best in me
And help me reach my destiny;

I cannot thank you enough 

For finding me when life was rough,

Caring for my heart, taking my hand

You helped me be able to stand-

To reach for the sky,

To see past the lies 

Of what I thought was love. 

Now I see the truth from above,

You are such a blessing,

So comforting yet keeping me guessing

Where this will go, I still do not know,

But remember it is because of you that I glow 


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