Untitled #1

A false sense of security,

Thinking I found the path of purity,

Love in sight, but it was just an illusion,

I turned the corner filled with confusion. 

My light was gone, and I alone,

The direction of hopes and dreams unknown. 

I felt a form in the endless night,

Another lost soul trying to escape the plight. 

It took my hand, I didn’t know if it was right

To trust this entity to lead me to love and light.  

So the blind leads the blind,

Both searching for the light and the divine,

Opening mind’s eye to find a sign;

Tripping and falling, it just takes time,

Finding strength in self-empowerment 

While hatred and doubt devour men

And women, alike. 

Shattering the veil, shadow guides disappear,

It turns out I was guided by fear!

Now a radiant light lets me know I’m here,

Shining gold and green, an entity with open arms. 

Nervous this is another one of the devil’s charms,

I walk slowly, each step is cautious;

Anticipation has me feeling nauseous

As the deep gap grows smaller,

This light being growing taller. 

It has something to teach

Me, but I stay out of reach. 

“Please let go, I beseech thee,”

It requests in thought-form. 

I look behind to see the abyss,
I look ahead to see this being’s bliss,

I close my eyes and let go,

I think the rest you must know. 

The being of light was none other than you,

Showing me a level of love and passion I never knew. 

Only time will tell us how things go,

In what direction we both will grow. 

Open eyes leading open hearts 

Into a vast unknown of new starts.  


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