Creative Communication

For my very first post on this specific blog, I would like to focus on “creative communication.” I’ve been challenging myself to practice connecting with people in this way, and the more passionate or intense the message I am trying to portray, the more symbolic and artistic I strive to be.

To start, I am defining creative communication as: ‘translating a message, idea or feeling through symbolic, thought-out and artistic means whether it be through writing, music/audio or visual representation.”

A friend of mine whom I love very dearly once challenged me to communicate with him through haikus, and I found that we were able to create beautiful images while still expressing our Truths in a clear and synchronized manner. In fact, we both had the mind to write down our back-and-forth haiku expressions in journals; he ended up using them as lyrics in an improv song during a performance.

Fast forwarding to the present, I’ve been noticing issues in my communication with this same individual, and I didn’t know what to do. After what felt like hours of pondering the situation, pondering my thoughts and emotions, my desire to connect, my desire to be close and share in true, spiritual, cosmic Love with this one individual I came up with a haiku. I wrote it down in my notebook and sent it to him. Throwing ego out the window, and allowing myself to be vulnerable to this person, I realized the best way to connect with him wasn’t through silence but rather through creative communication. He did respond with a haiku of his own, thus starting another back-and-forth of creative sharing betwixt the two of us. For a moment I felt eased, centered, and assured.

It has become apparent to me that the most meaningful connections in my life are fostered through mutual creative communication. Whether it be sharing fine art, writing or music, I find myself being more mindful and really trying to dig deep within to find the Truth in whatever message I’m sending is. I want to foster these connections with more than just this lover and friend of mine, and I am so curious to see how that affects the flow of those other relationships.


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