Bright Eyes

If my eyes are bright it is because you gave them light. 

If my smile is wide and my spirit free it is because you uplift me,

And if you see me weep it is because what I feel is so deep. 

I am overwhelmed at the magnitude

Of this love, and full of gratitude

That life brought me here,

Brought you to me, my dear. 
You bring out the best in me
And help me reach my destiny;

I cannot thank you enough 

For finding me when life was rough,

Caring for my heart, taking my hand

You helped me be able to stand-

To reach for the sky,

To see past the lies 

Of what I thought was love. 

Now I see the truth from above,

You are such a blessing,

So comforting yet keeping me guessing

Where this will go, I still do not know,

But remember it is because of you that I glow 


Untitled #1

A false sense of security,

Thinking I found the path of purity,

Love in sight, but it was just an illusion,

I turned the corner filled with confusion. 

My light was gone, and I alone,

The direction of hopes and dreams unknown. 

I felt a form in the endless night,

Another lost soul trying to escape the plight. 

It took my hand, I didn’t know if it was right

To trust this entity to lead me to love and light.  

So the blind leads the blind,

Both searching for the light and the divine,

Opening mind’s eye to find a sign;

Tripping and falling, it just takes time,

Finding strength in self-empowerment 

While hatred and doubt devour men

And women, alike. 

Shattering the veil, shadow guides disappear,

It turns out I was guided by fear!

Now a radiant light lets me know I’m here,

Shining gold and green, an entity with open arms. 

Nervous this is another one of the devil’s charms,

I walk slowly, each step is cautious;

Anticipation has me feeling nauseous

As the deep gap grows smaller,

This light being growing taller. 

It has something to teach

Me, but I stay out of reach. 

“Please let go, I beseech thee,”

It requests in thought-form. 

I look behind to see the abyss,
I look ahead to see this being’s bliss,

I close my eyes and let go,

I think the rest you must know. 

The being of light was none other than you,

Showing me a level of love and passion I never knew. 

Only time will tell us how things go,

In what direction we both will grow. 

Open eyes leading open hearts 

Into a vast unknown of new starts.  

Zen #1

Sitting by a window

Woman watching the spider spin,

She looks to the street below,

And sees all the children grin.

When came a light from above,

Blinding as the children stare.

From the Heavens swoops a dove,

Plotting to destroy their despair.

Talons rip through child flesh,

Eyes imploding into skull,

Even with this event so fresh,

The woman still feels dull.

Sitting by a window,

Woman watching the spider spin.

She looks to the street below,

And sees many dead children.

One Cycle of an Artist’s Mind

Again I sit in silence,

As I always do. 

Creating something slightly flawed,

Yet otherwise beautiful,

But who is there to admire or share

In these creations?

This Universe is so large and lonely. 

Who is there to care

But me, the loner forcefully so. 

Ah, to be grieved with the Truth of it all,

Again I fall

Into the darkness of this Universal reality. 

I am alone and no one cares

For my poems, songs nor painting shares. 

Just earthen trash like all the rest,

Plagued with the constant reminder of this fact:

I am alone, I am alone. 

From birth to death I am alone,

Yet choosing to be grateful

Because I am alive and witnessing 

The stupidity of mankind. 


Sultry spider spins savory net. 

Oh, how such beauty cannot pose a threat. 

Go in closer, if you dare

Examine each and every layer. 

“Come, step within,” her voice whispers,

Seducing all species of misters. 

Entranced by enigma, so climbs her up her toy;

She knows she’s won, her smile coy. 

Suddenly stuck, the insect screams,

Rip him in half and red river gleams.  

Pain is Real

I am grateful for rejection,

Another push towards perfection. 

Pain is real, well,

Pain is my muse. 

Tears stream down my face,

Stained as war paint, full of grace. 

Pain is real, well,

Pain is my muse. 

Brush strokes jagged,

Breath becoming ragged. 

Pain is real, well,

Pain is my muse. 

This connection you arrest,

I am not weak; I won’t protest. 

Pain is real, well,

Pain is my muse. 

(“Pain is real, well,/ Pain is my muse” is credited to my dear friends, the band Denmantau, from their song “Pain is my Muse” off Busker’s Philosophy)

Why Did I Fall For YOU? // That’s a Silly Question!

Here I sit, heart-breaking and longing for you to reach out to me. From this side, it seems as if there you sit, free and unaffected

By the love I thought we “shared.”

Yet we do share, and you are affected, even though it may not manifest itself  in ways my ego wants to see.

My heart isn’t breaking, but rather the shell of this cocoon is cracking and making room for the newest transformation of my loving, emotional soul.

This transformation was made possible by allowing myself to be vulnerable to you.

Your transformation- however obvious or subtle to the outside world,

To your inner world,

Is just as beautiful and emotional and intense as my own,

It seems so complicated, but it’s rather simple.

Do you wait for me to make the first move?

Must I always break first?

I fuel the embers of these ridiculous mind games;

Games which are meaningless, pointless and only propelled by our confusing and backwards society.

Why do I strike the match against the lighter fluid-soaked fabric of drama?

Probably because living in acceptance and devoid of ego is really hard,

And hard can be displeasing sometimes.

This time I shall not crumble,

My brass stance holds strong-


Keep balanced.

Yet even though I write these words,

And even though I believe them strongly

It only lasts for a moment

A very fleeting moment.

I tend to be the first to break our silent spells. I can’t seem to help myself, I just enjoy talking with you so much.

Yet words are words, and even these words are silly.

Fighting desire until it makes me crazy. Is that what balance is? Or is balance sending that thought to you in message form, or reaching out to exchange vocal vibrations when I feel pulled to do so?

Pure balance is knowing between Truth in connection and desire for a distraction from my own problems.

I’m still learning,

Always learning.

Still seeking balance,

Always seeking balance; I am a Libra after all!

Yet being a Libra, I am social.

I like to speak, and I like to hear.

I like social exchange with you very much.

Noble-spirited Mayat

The Nile of my veins flowing

Dancing, energizing;

Here I stand.

Yet even if you decide not to share in love with me, or I decide the same

My blood will still flow. It will keep flowing…

…unless I’m dead!

I don’t think that’s quite likely anytime soon, though.


What a preposterous question.

Even in our silence we speak.

In moments apart, I feel you.

You feel me.

We are still communicating through the Universe.

I find myself assuming we’re not in sync during my times of despair,

Yet you seem to prove me incorrect.

We are in sync.


It hasn’t stopped yet,

And silence doesn’t change that.

So, again I say:

Why did I fall for YOU?

That’s a silly question